You asked: How do you turn on shark ion robot?

Press the top of the power switch on the side of the unit to turn on power. TIP: Shark ION ROBOT will automatically return to the charging dock when the battery level is low.

Where is the power switch on my shark robot?


Flip the Power switch located on the side of your Shark ION ROBOT to the ON position and place your robot on the dock. When all 3 lights are solid blue, your robot is fully charged. Simply press Clean to send your robot into action.

How do you turn on a shark?

Plug the cord into an outlet, and the indicator light on the dock will turn green. Place the robot 2 feet away from the dock, then press the Dock button on the robot. Docked and Charging: Battery and Base indicator lights will turn blue. Charging is complete: on the robot will illuminate steadily in blue.

Why is my shark ion robot blinking red?

“CLEAN” Flashing Red

If the “CLEAN” light is flashing red, it means that the robot may be stuck on an obstacle or the front bumper may be jammed. … If the light continues to flash, try to remove the front caster wheel and clean the wheel housing.

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Why is the light on my Shark vacuum blinking?

If a light is flashing, it usually means that something is preventing your vacuum from running. If your Shark vacuum light is flashing, that means the brush roll isn’t spinning. Red lights can mean that the brush roll is jammed or the vacuum is overheating. … Flashing lights indicate that something needs to be fixed.

Why is my Shark battery not charging?

Your Shark vacuum is not charging because the battery or the charger might need to be replaced. It’s also possible that the charger is too dirty and is blocking the connection between the contacts or that the outlet the charger is plugged into is faulty.

How do you turn on a shark performance vacuum?

Press the Wand Release button to detach the wand from the pod. Slide selector to Carpet, then press selector button to turn on power.

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