What task does the TUG robot do?

What is a TUG? A TUG is an autonomous mobile robot made specifically for hospitals by Aethon, a company based in Pittsburgh. It uses a built-in map and sensors to navigate hospital halls and communicates with elevators, fire alarms and automatic doors via Wi-Fi.

What task does the TUG robot perform?

Developed by Pittsburgh-based Aethon, the TUG robots haul carts through the halls delivering medical supplies, blood, meals, and more. They use ‘laser whiskers’ to avoid obstacles and humans, and wirelessly open doors, and call for elevators. Anywhere you need something to go, the TUG can take it there.

How is the TUG robot controlled?

The TUG communicates through the wireless network to control elevators and doors as well as respond to fire alarm systems. TUG automatically returns to its charging dock after completing a delivery. Every TUG is monitored 24/7/365 remotely in our Pittsburgh-based support center.

What sensors does the TUG robot have?

Multiple sensors, including sonar, infrared and a SICK laser scanner, help it navigate autonomously and safely among its biped coworkers and hospital visitors. TUGs travel the same hallways you would use when visiting your loved one in the hospital. Unlike AGVs (automated guided vehicles), the TUG is fully autonomous.

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Is the tug robotic end effector multi-functional?

3. Is the robotic end effector multi-functional? … There are only 2 end effectors, the lift and drawers.

How much does a tug robot cost?

TUG robots are now employed in more than 100 hospitals delivering supplies, meals, and medications. The price tag is $105,000 for purchase or $1,500 per month for a lease. TUGs could also be used to track and recover hospital equipment using RFID technology, perform security patrols, and transport medical waste.

What is TUG system?

TUG securely delivers medications through the hospital and directly to nursing units. It secures and automates deliveries that are normally made through pneumatic tubes or manual couriers including controlled substances and refilling carts.

What is a good tug score?

One source suggests that scores of ten seconds or less indicate normal mobility, 11–20 seconds are within normal limits for frail elderly and disabled patients, and greater than 20 seconds means the person needs assistance outside and indicates further examination and intervention.

What is hospital robot?

Medical robots assist with surgery, streamline hospital logistics, and enable providers to give more direct attention to patients.

Who made the TUG robot?

The hospital purchased 25 of the “Tug” robots, manufactured by Pittsburgh-based manufacturer Aethon, for $3.5 million, Herriot said in an email Wednesday.

What are some assistive robots?

Some examples of assistive robots are the iARM by Exact Dynamics (Dynamics 2010) which resulted from the MANUS project (Kwee, 2000) and the Raptor by Phybotics (Applied Ressources Corporation).

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