What is knowledge representation and reasoning in artificial intelligence?

Knowledge representation and reasoning (KRR, KR&R, KR²) is the field of artificial intelligence (AI) dedicated to representing information about the world in a form that a computer system can use to solve complex tasks such as diagnosing a medical condition or having a dialog in a natural language.

What is knowledge representation explain with example?

Definition. Knowledge representation refers to the technical problem of encoding human knowledge and reasoning ( Automated Reasoning) into a symbolic language that enables it to be processed by information systems.

What are the types of knowledge representation in AI?

Types of Knowledge Representation

  • Declarative Knowledge.
  • Procedural Knowledge.
  • Meta Knowledge.
  • Heuristic Knowledge.
  • Structural Knowledge.

What is the way of representing the knowledge in logic and reasoning?

Answer set programming is an approach to knowledge representation and reasoning. Knowledge is represented as answer set programs, and reasoning is performed by answer set solvers. Answer set programming enables default reasoning, which is required in commonsense reasoning.

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What is knowledge based reasoning?

A knowledge-based system (KBS) is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) that aims to capture the knowledge of human experts to support decision-making. … Some systems encode expert knowledge as rules and are therefore referred to as rule-based systems. Another approach, case-based reasoning, substitutes cases for rules.

How Knowledge Representation and Reasoning is closely coupled and independent too in AI cycle?

Events: Events are the actions which occur in our world. Performance: It describe behavior which involves knowledge about how to do things. Meta-knowledge: It is knowledge about what we know. Facts: Facts are the truths about the real world and what we represent.

What is knowledge representation technique?

There are mainly four ways of knowledge representation which are given as follows: Logical Representation. Semantic Network Representation. Frame Representation.

What is the form of knowledge representation *?

The forms of knowledge representation typically used in expert systems are: structured objects (frames, semantic networks, object-oriented principles), rules (if-then) and logic (predicate, proposi- tional).

What is the difference between knowledge representation and knowledge acquisition?

Knowledge acquisition was obtained by tapping the expertise of clinical nurse specialists who were able to articulate the elements present in their diagnostic decisions. Knowledge representation was achieved using a commercially-available software package.

What is meant by knowledge in artificial intelligence?

Knowledge is the information about a domain that can be used to solve problems in that domain. To solve many problems requires much knowledge, and this knowledge must be represented in the computer. As part of designing a program to solve problems, we must define how the knowledge will be represented.

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What is the difference between knowledge representation and automated reasoning?

Knowledge representation is, well, “representing” knowledge in some way (most often using some kind of graph). Automated reasoning is traversing the graph from a starting point (a “problem”) to a “solution”.

What are the three 3 ways to represent knowledge?

Jerome Bruner identified three stages of cognitive representation. Enactive, which is the representation of knowledge through actions. Iconic, which is the visual summarization of images. Symbolic representation, which is the use of words and other symbols to describe experiences.

What are the 3 ways to represent knowledge?

Knowledge (K) can be formally represented by three tuples, K = (C, I, A).

  • C is a set of classes represented by class objects.
  • I is a set of instances represented by instance objects.
  • A is a set of attributes possessed by the classes and instances.

What is the form of knowledge representation in AI Mcq?

Propositional logic is a knowledge representation technique in AI.

How many types of entities are there in knowledge representation?

Types of entities: physical objects, abstract objects, time, locations, actions, events, beliefs. Decisions made on imperfect representations can be wrong. We must choose the representation with this in mind. Selecting a particular representation means making an ontological commitment.

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