Quick Answer: What is the F number on a Fanuc robot?

F – The letter “F” at the end of FANUC robot names designates either a floor mounted or food grade robot. In the case of the R-2000ib/165F, the “F” means the articulated robot is floor mounted. R – The letter “R” at the end of a model name means the FANUC robot is rack mounted.

Where is Fanuc F number?

Open your (ERRHIST.LS) from your MD backup, it will show up your F number on the Top.

What is the robot F number?

What information does the robot F number provide? Unique number for the robots identification controller type, robot model, installed options and sell information.

What does DCS stand for Fanuc?

FANUC Dual Check Safety DCS

FANUC DCS is a smart integrated software solution designed to keep operators, robots and tooling completely safe.

What is PNS in Fanuc robot?

PNS is program number select.

Where is the serial number on Fanuc control?

The Part Number can be found on a nameplate located on the right side of the box. The i series controls (16i, 18i, 21i, 160i, 180i, and 210i) have a yellow plastic cover behind the Display unit. The Serial Number is located on the center of this cover.

How To Locate the Fanuc Part Number.

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Part Numbers Fanuc Description
A98L-####-#### Fanuc Key Sheet

What is a 6 axis robot?

6-axis robots, or articulated robots, allow for articulated and interpolated movement to any point within the working envelope: Axis 1 – Rotates robot (at the base of the robot) … Axis 4 – Rotates robot’s upper arm (wrist roll) Axis 5 – Raises / lowers wrist of robot’s arm. Axis 6 – Rotates wrist of the robot’s arm.

How do I know what version of Fanuc robot I have?

Press F1, [TYPE] and select “Version ID”.

What is dual check safety?

Dual Check Safety (DCS) designates safety zones in the robot cell programmatically finding areas where the robot and person cannot be at the same time. This is done through speed and separation monitoring. These areas are designated using Dual Check Safety and area scanners.

How do I disable DCS Fanuc?


  1. PRESS –> [ MENU ]
  2. SELECT –> [ 0 ] 0 NEXT.
  3. SELECT –> [ 6 ] 6 SYSTEM.
  4. SELECT –> [ 7 ] 7 DCS (see screenshot )
  5. Using arrow, SELECT –> 1 of the 4 first option (see screenshot )
  6. PRESS –> [ F3 ] [ DETAIL ]
  7. PRESS –> [ F3 ] [ DETAIL ] (see screenshot )
  8. Using arrow, SELECT –> Line 2 Enable/Disable (see screenshot )

How do I run Fanuc robot in auto mode?


  1. Turn on FANUC.
  2. Turn the key to Auto mode on Robot.
  3. Move the switch on the Teaching Pendant (TP) to OFF.
  4. Press Select on the TP and scroll down to the appropriate communication program. …
  5. Press Enter.
  6. Hit Reset to clear any Faults (Red LED on)
  7. Hit the green Start button on the Fanuc controller.

How are Fanuc robots programmed?

The FANUC CR-7ia is programmed through simply manually guiding its arm through the waypoints of an application while it is in teach mode. The CR-7ia is then able to replicate the application path on its own over and over.

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