How much does a Robot Coupe hold?

On average, Robot Coupe blenders can manage 3 liquid quarts of ingredients.

What can you do with a Robot Coupe?

The Robot Coupe R-45-T is designed for vertical cutting and mixing. With this unit, you can chop, blend, puree, mix, knead, and so much more!

What is a robot coupe and what is it used for?

The Robot Coupe commercial food processor performs a host of culinary feats. It is designed for high speed and quality vegetable processing. The Robot Coupe slices, juliennes, and shreds with the continuous feed attachment, plus it will chop, grind, puree, mix, or knead using the cutter bowl attachment.

How many watts is a Robot Coupe?

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Width 9-1/8 in
Height 20-3/4 in
Voltage 120
Wattage 840

Where is Robot Coupe manufactured?

Robot Coupe products are designed and made in our factories in France and in the USA to guarantee the best level of quality and ensure unbeatable performance.

How old is the food processor?

This article is more than 8 years old. Robot-Coupe invented the food processor in 1963 for professional kitchens and the Magimix was the first domestic version. Today, the Magimix by Robot Coupe is still handmade in Burgundy, France.

What is a Robot Coupe Blixer?

The Robot Coupe Blixer is the ultimate food processing tool for anyone that needs to prepare liquid or semi-liquid foods. … At over 3400 rpm, a Blixer’s blade moves more than twice as fast as a typical food processor blade.

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Which is the best Robot Coupe?

Top 18 Best Robot Coupe Food Processors Reviews 2022

  • #TOP 1. …
  • Robot Coupe – 4581 R2N Continuous Feed Combination Food Processor. …
  • Robot Coupe R2N CLR Continuous Feed Combination Food Processor. …
  • Robot Coupe R2 Dice Continuous Feed Combination Food Processor Dicer. …
  • Robot Coupe R 101 Combination Cutter and Vegetable Slicer.

Is Robot Coupe a food processor?

Robot-Coupe Food Processors

Today Robot-Coupe processors are primarily and widely used in professional kitchens. … This is a heavy-duty food processor that comes with a six-, 10-, or 12-cup bowl option, and includes two blades: one for the large and medium bowls, and one smaller one for the smallest bowl.

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