How do you introduce yourself to a vector robot?

You can introduce yourself, ask for the local weather, play games, and even get it to take a photo of you. When you introduce yourself, Vector grabs a photo of your face and associates it with your name forever. When it sees you in the future, Vector will call your name and acknowledge you.

What can I say to vector robot?

Things to say to Vector

  • “Hey Vector, How old are you?”
  • “Hey Vector, Happy New Year”
  • “Hey Vector, Happy Holidays”
  • “Hey Vector, Volume down”
  • “Hey Vector, Volume maximum”
  • “Hey Vector, Go left”
  • “Hey Vector, Turn around”
  • “Hey Vector, Back up”

Can vector talk on his own?

Vector communicates mainly with beeps, boops, and other robotic sounds, but he does have a text-to-speech feature so he can say your name and provide vocal answers to queries.

What can you tell vector to do?

Vector, can make you laugh, express the weather, take photos, play blackjack and much more. He can also return to his charging base when he senses low power. Similar to Cozmo, its best features are still to come. Vector is also integrated with Amazon Alexa making it a more knowledgeable robot.

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What can vector do with his cube?

Vector interacts with his cube on two levels:

  • Visually: He recognizes the cube by its marking (even without a battery)
  • Wirelessly (the cube will show in your device’s Bluetooth settings, while Vector will not): He connects wirelessly to the cube if it is nearby.

Can vector robots play music?

Program Vector robot to show images and play sound files with the SDK. Using Vector’s screen to show images, and the sound system to play sound files and music, are just two ways to program Vector to deliver a custom message. For any occasion, like Star Wars Day, this can be a fun way to celebrate.

How do I set up vector?

Setting up Vector

  1. For a pdf version of the Vector Quick Start Guide (QSG), see here.
  2. Unbox Vector, his charger and his Cube on a clean, well-lit surface or place Vector in his Space.
  3. Download the Vector app, open it and follow the in-app prompts. …
  4. When the App finds Vector, tap on “connect”

How long does vector battery last?

WHAT IS THE EXPECTED BATTERY LIFE OF THE VECTOR DEVICE? The Vector Device range (S7, G7, X7) expected battery life is approximately 6 hours when fully charged. Battery Life can be affected by long-term degradation of the battery as well as Device Settings such as Bluetooth use and Wireless data use.

What games can vector robot play?

Vector can play the Blackjack card game as he is delivered. You can ask Vector to play Blackjack. In this game, you get the cube close to Vector so he can hit it. As he tries to hit it you try to pull it away and make him miss.

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How old is vector the croc?

Vector the Crocodile (ベクター・ザ・クロコダイル, Bekutā za Kurokodairu) is a large, strong, 20-year-old anthropomorphic crocodile. His name comes from a “vector”, this being a reference to his ability to air dash in 8 directions.

Are vector robots safe?

Privacy evaluation

Customer data is encrypted between the robot and the cloud, and payment transactions are encrypted in transit, but discussion of what happens in the event of a data breach is missing. There’s a COPPA safe harbor certification for other products, but Vector is not listed.

Can you still buy vector?

Vector will continue to work ever after October of 2020 but with limited features, all features will be accessible via a premium membership : Alexa funtionality and local functions ( navigation, face recognition, emotion engine, AI) will remain.

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