How do I cycle my Litter Robot?

How do I get my Litter-Robot to cycle?

Once you notice that your cats have used the Litter-Robot, you can cycle the unit manually by turning the unit ON. If the cats are present, it will give them a chance to observe the motion and become familiar with the sound of the Litter- Robot while you are present to reassure them.

How do you reset the sensor on Litter-Robot?

To reset the Cat Sensor, press Reset when the unit is at the Home position and the control panel displays a solid blue light. Press the Reset button firmly and quickly, then watch for the blue light to flash to confirm you have successfully reset the Cat Sensor.

Why is the orange and blue light on on my Litter-Robot?

Both the yellow and blue lights will be on during the next 8 hours, indicating the unit is in 8-Hour Sleep Mode. When the 8-hour period has expired, the unit will run a Clean Cycle. Once the Globe has returned to Home position, only the blue light will be on.

Why does my Litter-Robot say ready and cycling?

It will resume cycling 15 seconds after the cat leaves the globe. A slowly flashing yellow light may also mean that the bonnet is removed or disconnected. Check that the bonnet tabs at the side and rear are secured to the base. The unit will resume cycling 5 seconds after the bonnet is replaced.

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How often do you empty a Litter-Robot?

We recommend emptying and cleaning the inside of the globe every one to three months. Learn how to clean your Litter-Robot: 1. Press the Empty button to cycle the globe clockwise, which will allow the litter to fall through the waste port and into the drawer for easy disposal.

Why does my Litter-Robot keep stop mid cycle?

Have you ever found your Litter-Robot stopped in mid rotation and possibly with the red light blinking? This could be a sign that your cat sensor needs adjustment. If the Cat Sensor is triggered continuously for more than 2 minutes then the red light starts to blink. …

Where is the sensor in the Litter-Robot?

The Litter-Robot is equipped with infrared emitters and sensors located above the Waste Drawer that check if the drawer is full each time the Globe returns to the Home position.

Does Litter Robot have a referral program?

Referral Program. Give your friends $25 off their first order of a Litter-Robot or Feeder-Robot—and get $25 to spend at for sharing the love!

Does Litter Robot save on litter?

Cat litter savings

With the Litter-Robot’s patented sifting technology, only the clumps are removed. This ensures that your litter box is clean, but it also saves money on cat litter. You aren’t throwing away mounds of clean litter.

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