How do I connect my UiPath robot to orchestrator?

How do you add a robot to the orchestrator?

Creating a Floating Robot

  1. In Orchestrator, on the Robots page, click Add. …
  2. Click Floating Robot. …
  3. In the Name field, type any name for the Robot.
  4. In the DomainUsername field, type the AD username that is used to login to the specified machine.
  5. (Optional) Add a description for the Robot. …
  6. Click Create.

How do I get to the orchestrator in UiPath?

To activate your robot, you have to Right-Click on the UI Robot symbol and then you have to go to Settings. In the Settings on UI Robot, mention the Orchestrator URL and the Machine Key. Then click on Connect. This will activate your UI Robot.

How do I add a robot to UiPath?

How to create a UiPath Orchestrator robot

  1. Log into the UiPath Orchestrator administrative console.
  2. Switch from the Modern Folder layout to the Classic Folder layout.
  3. Under the Management tab choose Robots.
  4. Click the plus button on the top right hand side of the page and create a Standard Robot.

How does orchestrator and studio communicate with the robot?

If you are connecting Studio to Orchestrator through the Robot, an authentication token, called a bearer token, is also send from Orchestrator. This token is then passed to Studio. The authentication process is refreshed every 30 minutes, according to the default value of the Auth.

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What is the UiPath orchestrator URL?

UiPath Orchestrator URL

The accountlogicalname is the name used to log into UiPath Orchestrator, and the servicename maps to the name of the UiPath tenant service.

How do you set up an orchestrator?

So here are the steps:

  1. Check for the Tray Icon in the right side pane of your windows machine and right click on the Ui Path Tray icon then click on Advanced Logo (small drop down) and inside that click on Settings.
  2. In the settings Popup, you will find the Robot Key, Machine name.

How do I log into orchestrator?

Logging in with an Orchestrator User Account

  1. (Optionally) Select the Remember me check box. This enables you to automatically login later on.
  2. Click Login. Orchestrator is loaded and access is provided to components according to the assigned role or roles.

How do I start robot service in UiPath?

Click the Windows Start button, then search for Services. msc and open it. The Services window is displayed. Find the UiPath Robot service and right-click it.

How does UiPath Robot work?

A Robot is an execution host that runs processes built in UiPath Studio. The Robots page enables you to add robots, edit them, view their status and license state, change the environment(s) they are assigned to, and the runtime settings. Additionally, you can display the logs generated by a single Robot.

What is UI path studio?

UiPath Studio is advanced automation software that gives everyone, from business users to advanced RPA developers, the right automation canvas to build great software robots—and organizations the right governance tools to manage them all.

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What are UiPath components?

UiPath Platform consists of three main components:

  • UiPath Studio.
  • UiPath Robot.
  • UiPath Orchestrator.
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